Custom back patches shown at graduate exhibition (2018)
Richard Branson and his daughter on Necker Island with their portrait pillow gifts commissioned by Igniting Change (2016) 
'Wolf Town Jamboree' - custom back patch (2017) 
Portrait Pillow of Karl Lokko (2016) - Commissioned for him by Igniting Change 
Radical Equality Back patches (2017) 
These back patches have been exhibited as part of the 'Feminist Fibre Arts' group exhibition at Virago Gallery, Seattle USA (March-April, 2017). This exhibition was curated by Iris Nectar to promote the work of fiber artists and to showcase the dynamic artistic range and possibilities within the fiber medium. For more information on Feminist Fibre Art visit: 
'Purple Mandela' and 'Mustard Mandela' - custom back patch (2017) 
To order a custom back patch email: 
Family Portrait (2016)
Fruit Bat Patch for Juliana (2017) 
Double sided portrait pillow Mum/Cat (2016) 50cm x 50cm 
Double sided portrait pillow Matt/Emily (2016) 50cm x 50cm
Appliqué denim jacket patch created for Melbourne Band BATZ (2016)
Appliqué quilted portrait pillows (2016)
Knit Your Revolt Patch (2015) 15cm x 20cm 
I'm was very honoured to have been made an 'honorary' member of the Australian craftiest gang 'Knit Your Revolt' - I embelished their machine made patch (created as part of the Knit Your Revolt Tricycle Gang) and stitched it to the denim jacket I inherited from my mum. 

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