Tal Fitzpatrick
Artist Curriculum Vitae 
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
in Fine Arts (2014-2018) from the Centre for Cultural Partnerships, Victorian College of Arts, University of Melbourne. Completed 14 Dec 2018 
Bachelor of Arts with 1st class Honours (2006-2010)
 Griffith University School of Humanities Gold Coast, QLD. Conferral Date: 26 March 2010, Testamur: 156788 | Major: Contemporary Arts and Studies in Arts, Creative Industries
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment – TAE4011 (2013)
Gold Coast Institute of Tafe, Gold Coast
Certificate III in Community Service Work (2009)
 Navigation Arts Business Training Course, accredited by YWCA, NSW
'The National 2021: New Australian Art' exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney (26 March - 5 September 2021).This exhibition features the @Covid19quilt project - a collaborative participatory digital project led by Kate Just and Tal Fitzpatrick, started in April 2020. The @Covid19quilt is on display as part of the installation of Kate Just's work at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.
'Finding Home' exhibition at the Courthouse Gallery and Studio, Port Hedland WA (April - May 2021) curated by Candice Boyd
'Moreland: 23/03/2020 to xx/xx/xxxx' exhibition at Siteworks, Melbourne (March - April 2021) project led by Simon Aubor, Anne Moffat, Kit Scott. 
'Incinerator Art Award,' exhibited online due to COVID-19 lockdowns in Melbourne (28 August - 30 Sept 2020) curated by Jake Tracey
'Pandemic: A Feminist Response,' online exhibition curated by Toronto Feminist Art Collective (June 2020) 
'Signs For Our Times,' presented as part of Next Wave's 'Assemble!' digital program (22-31 May 2020) senior Producer Bron Blecher
'#UDHR Quilt Project,' exhibited at the Museum of Australian Democracy, Old Parliament House, Canberra (Oct 2018 - Feb 2020) curated by Edwina Jans
'Domestic Craft,' exhibition at The Ban at Rosny Farm (Nov-Dec 2019) Curated by Nicole O'Loughlin
'PM Please Quilt,' exhibited at the Museum of Australian Democracy, Old Parliament House Canberra ACT (Nov 2018 - Dec 2019) 
'Crafting Resistance: Six Moments in Kinston,' exhibited at G1+G2 Gallery, Kingston Arts (Aug-Sept 2019) Curated by Tal Fitzpatrick 
'Six Moments in Kingston,' public art project, held at Kingston, Melbourne, VIC. (May 2019) Curated by David Cross and Cameron Bishop
'Beyond 50%' exhibited at Backspace Gallery, Ballarat, VIC. (Mar 2019) Curated by Felicity Martin 
'Enlighten Festival', #UDHR Quilt Project projections on Museum of Australian Democracy, Old Parliament House Canberra as part of Enlighten Festival (Feb-Mar 2019)
'#' exhibition held at Cindy Rucker Gallery, New York, NY, USA (Dec 2018 - Jan 2019) group exhibition curated by Markus Linnenbrink 
'Troublemakers' exhibited at the Versus Gallery, Melbourne VIC (Jul 2018 - Jun 2018) group show curated by Ben Frost. 
'Handle With Care' exhibited at Soul Craft Festival, The Meat Market, Melbourne VIC (9-10 Jun 2018) group show curated by Sophia Cai.  
'Craftivism HQ' PhD exhibition held at KINGS Artist Run Initiative, Melbourne VIC (7-10 Mar 2018) 
'We Are A Sanctuary' group exhibition KINGS Artist Run Initiative, Melbourne VIC (7-29 Apr 2017) curated by Danielle Toua, Hanann Aldaqqa and Katherine Kohler 
'Feminist Fiber Art' group exhibition held at Virago Gallery, Seattle USA (Mar-Apr 2017) curated by Iris Nectar
'DAWN & I' exhibition held at George Paton Gallery, Melbourne VIC (30 Aug – 10 Sept 2016) Held in the main room of the George Paton Gallery,  this exhibition featured Tal's textile art work alongside the art work of her paternal grandmother textile artist Dawn Fitzpatrick who was 94 at the time of the exhibition.
'IWDA Fifty-Fifty Project' exhibited at Igniting Change, Melbourne VIC (11 Mar 2016) 
'Songs of Freedom: Celebrating Democracy Quilt Exhibition,' held at the Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka, Ballarat VIC (Nov 2015 – Jan 2016)
Performing the PM Please Quilt - hillsceneLIVE, Monbulk VIC (30 Oct 2015) Live art performance of socially engaged Craftivism project “PM Please”, Pop-up live art festival held in Monbulk, Victoria 
'f Generation: Feminism, Art, Progression' exhibition at the George Paton Gallery, Melbourne VIC (7-16 Oct 2015) group show curated by Veronica Caven Aldous, Dr Juliette Peers and Caroline Phillips
'Resilience: Stories in Cloth' exhibition at Emerald Community House, Emerald VIC (11-17 Apr 2015) solo show held during the PAVE Art Festival
2020 - @covid19quilt Project awarded the Incinerator Gallery Art Award - People's Choice Award 
2020 - City of Melbourne Arts Project Grant Recipient, for project with Next Wave Festival 
2020 - Creative Victoria Grant, for project with Next Wave Festival 
2019 - Creative Victoria, Creative Suburbs Grant, for Six Moments in Kingston public art project  
2017 - Research Training Program Scholarship Fund, University of Melbourne  
2016, 2015, 2014 - Australian Postgraduate Award, Doctor of Philosophy (Fine Arts) 
2010 - Regional Arts Development Fund, Gold Coast City Council 
2009 - Dean of Arts Honours Scholarship, Griffith University  
2008 - Griffith Award for Academic Excellence
2008 - Regional Arts Development Fund, Gold Coast City Council 
2007 - Griffith Award for Academic Excellence
2007 - Regional Arts Development Fund, Gold Coast City Council
Commonwealth, 2021, 'Artist In Residence/Artista En Residencia,' Philadelphia Contemporary https://publicationstudio.biz/books/artist-in-residence-artista-en-residencia/  
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T.Fitzpatrick, 2019, Crafting Resistance: Six Moments in Kingston, blurb.com, Melbourne. ISBN: 9780464217176
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T.Fitzpatrick, 2016, ‘Chapter 3: Community Disaster Resilience’ in B. Clements, et al., 2016, Disasters and Public Health: Planning and Response (2nd Edition), Elsevier Inc., Oxford. ISBN: CLEMENTS-9780128019801

Ep.2 The Guerrilla Craft podcast (released 18/02/2021) interviewed by Frida Engström in June 2020. Available at: https://www.podbean.com/site/EpisodeDownload/PBFB14E0HAFRP 
Philadelphia Museum of Art and Craft Now Philadelphia 'Cultures of Making Symposium' (30 Oct 2020) - 'Crafting Dissent' Zoom Panel discussion hosted by Hinda Mandell with Diane Ivey, Claudia Carpenter, Karen Hampton, Betsy Hawley, Felicity Lufkin and Sara Trail. 
YWCA International Day of the Girl Webinar 2020 (7 Oct 2020) - Zoom Panel discussion 'People Power: How to get into activism and advocacy' with Neha Madhok (Democracy in Colour), Cat Nadel (FYA Org) and Miller Soding (Minus18). 
Pacific Climate Warriors & 350 Pacific Australia 'Weave the Days to Come'  Webinar (26 Sept 2020) - Zoom Panel on activism, art and storytelling in community with Arti Chetty, Jae Louise Blair and Erin Tuhanuku with thanks to Folole Tupuola and Jacynta F. 
Centre of Democracy (Adelaide) International Day of Democracy Webinar (15 Sept 2020) - Zoom Panel discussion on 'Crafting Democracy' with Dr. Nikki Sullivan, Dr. Madeleine Seys and Sera Waters. 
Threebellybutton Podcast (Australia), Kate Just and Tal Fitzpatrick interviewed by Saying Zhou (June 2020) 
Makers 'n Shakers Podcast (United Kingdom), interview by Kate Widdup (June 2020) 
ABC 'The Mix' TV show featured the @covid19quilt project, broadcast on 16 May 2020
Art Guide Australia, 'Quilting Together at a Distance' by Briony Downes (12 May 2020) 
Ani Lee, Close Knit Podcast, Episode 35 'Tal Fitzpatrick - Creativity's Role In Community Resilience & Viewing Craftivism through a Constructive and Hopeful Lens'  (28 February 2018) accessible from: http://www.closeknit.com.au/podcast/episode35
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I have been interviewed on the following radio programs in relation to my craftivism practice and projects: Triple R’s Sunday Lunch ‘Subversive Melbourne’ show (8/10/2017), ABC Gold Coast’s Saturday conversations program (11/3/2017),  ABC Radio National’s Breakfast program (7/7/2017), ABC Radio National (7/3/2017), ABC Canberra’s drive program (20/3/2017), and on the 2CC breakfast program (20/3/2017). 
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Natural Disaster Resilience Leadership project, 2011-2014, Locations: Cairns, Ipswich, Mackay, Charleville, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Gatton, Gympie, Moreton Bay, Fernvale, Biloela, Tweed, Taree, Kingaroy, Goonellabah, Grafton, Rosedale, Atherton, Byron Bay. Further details available online: http://www.emergencyvolunteering.com.au
National Student Volunteer Week, 2013, online details: http://www.volunteeringqld.org.au/NSVW 
QUT International Student Volunteer Initiative, 2012-2013
UNESCO Looking Beyond Disasters Forum #3, Auckland NZ. 4, 5, 6 December   2012. And UNESCO Looking Beyond Disasters Forum #2, Sendai, Japan. 16, 17, 18, 19 August 2012. Contributed to the drafting of a recommendation report of handling natural disasters from a youth perspective which was presented to the UN  http://emergencyvolunteering.com.au/home/projects/menu/unesco-youth-looking-beyond-disasters-forums
Access Arts and Autism Gold Coast, 2011-2012, Disability support worker
Volunteer arts worker for SCISCO – a Gold Coast youth support service for youth at risk, running arts workshops and facilitating the painting workshop of the “O.A.T” (Being Outdoor Achieving Transformations) program
Research assistant for Professor Paul Tacon as part of Anaru Bay- Wellington Range NT Collaborative Archaeological Research Project (July 2010)
Volunteer with Gold Coast City Art Gallery, 2010
Workshop facilitator for Gold Coast City Council “make your mark” workshop series 2010