Outside of the large-scale participatory craftivism pojects I undertake, such as the 'PM Please Quilt' project and the International Women's Development Agency (IWDA) 'Fifty-Fifty' project, I maintain an ongoing practice of creating textile artworks that address political issues and ideals. Below are a selection of these, including examples of my contributions to projects coordinated by other craftivists and craftivist collectives. 
Fuck Your Patriarchy (2014) 100cm x 120cm - SOLD
Appliqué quilted protest banner made using new and recycled materials 
Holding up Protest Banner at Women’s March in Melbourne's CBD (21 January 2017)
This image was captured and shared by Australian musician Courtney Barnett.  
No Justice No Peace (2014) 1m x 1.20m
Appliqué protest banner made using new and recycled cotton, machine appliqué quilted banner.
Holding up Protest Banners at Black Friday Rally in Melbourne's CBD (13 March 2015) 
This protest was held to show opposition to the Government's forced closure of Aboriginal communities in Western Australia. 
The 'Radical Equality' back patch project fights for gender equality through turning the feminist gender/sexual equality symbol into a wearable symbol of resistance and solidarity. 
These back patches have been exhibited as part of the 'Feminist Fibre Arts' group exhibition at Virago Gallery, Seattle USA (March-April, 2017). This exhibition was curated by Iris Nectar to promote the work of fiber artists and to showcase the dynamic artistic range and possibilities within the fiber medium. For more information on Feminist Fibre Art visit: http://feministfiberart.com 
To order a custom 'Radical Equality' back patch of your very own email me: tal.fitzpatrick@gmail.com 
'Always Was Always Will Be Aboriginal Land' (2017) 70cm X 54cm
This mini protest banner was made in time for the 2017 Australia Day (Invasion Day) rally in Melbourne where some 50,000+ people, including the artist with this banner, marched in recognition that Australia always was and always will be Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Land. I make these works as a way to materially manifest my solidarity and to, in my own small way, raise awareness and discussion about these issues within my own sphere of influence.
'Water is Sacred' mini protest banner (2017) 54cm X 54cm
My contribution Betsy Greer's 'You are so very Beautiful (YASVB)' craftivism project which was spearheaded in Melbourne by local artist and craftiest Sayraphim Lothian (2016) 

This project was designed to encourage makers to create small handmade affirmations and placing them for strangers to find in public places, and in doing so spreading a little kindness.
To read more about the project visit: http://youaresoverybeautiful.com
For more information on this project visit: http://craftivism.com/blog/tag/yasvb/
'Boobquet 1' and 'Boobquet 2' mini protest banners (2016) both 40cm x 70cm - SOLD 
'Boobquets' installed at Third Draw Down as part of their 'Girl Gang' shopfront installation (2016) 
I'm really stoked to have been made an 'honorary' member of the Australian craftiest gang 'Knit Your Revolt' this picture shows me wearing my gang patch which I embellished with hand embroidered flowers. Original patch machine made patch by Knit Your Revolt Tricycle Gang (2015) 15cm x 20cm 
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